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Geomining is the future - mining cryptocurrency with your smart device.
On your cell phone, download the Coin App.
Open the Coin App

Click on the Auto CollectYOU ARE NOW GEOMINING !
If you signed up under my affiliate link, you should have received 1,000 Coin tokens.
If It's not showing up, restart your phone and make sure your email address is registered to your account.

What is the value of the Coin token ?
My Coin App Referral Link:
The current price of XYO is:
The different ways to earn Coin tokens.
#1 Geomining - Click on the Auto Collect button and you are geomining. 

#2 Referrals - Refer a person to the Coin App and receive 10% of their geomining for life.

#3 Sentinel Sharing - You can purchase and share sentinels with others and receive 10% of their geomining for life. (Don't know if BridgeX is needed anymore)

#4 Weekly Geoclaims - You place your claim on certain areas and get a % of a chance to get a % of all Coin tokens earned for that week by everyone geomining.

#5 Daily HODL - This feature gives you Coin tokens because your holding your Coin tokens in the app. 
(I figured out the math, it's total hodl x .0001)

#6 Geodrops - Companies or individuals will send advertisements via a Geo Drop.

#7 Purchasing XYO crypto via KuCoin - You can always purchase this crypto outright.

#8. Watch for up to 20 coins - Watch a video ad and earn up to 20 Coins. (They downsized the amount recently)

#9 Unofficial XYO Coin Lottery - A weekly Lottery drawing.

#10 Premium Plan subscriptions - Different plans in gaining more Coin tokens.

#11 Big Geomines - Witness early and earn rewards

#12 Daily Geomines - Witness Winner

#13 Background rewards - Earn coin while you're not using the app!

#14 Bonus Drops - Power Up your upcoming Bonus Drops by Geomining, Geodropping, and Geoclaiming. You are even powering up your Bonus Drops while just sitting on a tile that you've already Geomined!
How to gain the most Coin tokens.

I think it's a combination of everything. I do not travel much, so my geomining numbers are very low since I'm a stationary geominer. I'm currently making the most out of watching the video ads and clicking ads with my phone farm.

​Test everything out for yourself, see if the Coin subscriptions are worth it for you.
I've create a flyer to promote Coin / XYO

I used the affiliate link to create a QR Code
I can create this for you too. 
Airdrop me (1,500 XYO Tokens)
Get a hold of me through facebook messenger and text me your link information. 
How to redeem and cash out your Coin token / XYO.

You will need to redeem your Coin tokens for XYO first.

Click on the top middle coin icon, 
That's where your total number of Coins are located.
The REDEEM pop up will show up
Click on which crypto you would like
to redeem. If you're new to this you're most 
likely going to click on the XYO (ERC-20) 
The different advertising methods I've come up with for Coin / XYO

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When you first open COIN, you’ll see a login screen. You can geomine without an account, but if you ever want to withdraw the digital assets you earn, you’ll need to create an account.
XYO is a decentralized network of devices that anonymously collect and validate geospatial data, or data with a geographic component. At the center of it all sits one of the most exciting new cryptocurrencies that incentivizes the ecosystem. Coin is what's called a token, it can be traded into cryptocurrency like XYO or Bitcoin or ETH.
What is Coin and how do you convert it to XYO ?
Hodl Instructions
The different ways to get a hold of Coin / XYO company
My goal is to get 5,000 referrals / users
Who's buying XYO Tokens ?
At what quantities & at what prices ?
How many holders are there ?
What's the diluted market cap at ?
Etherscan Website
Check out some of the big players involved and their purchases and amounts they own. In my opinion it's worth a few minutes of your time to click around and take some notes.
What's Happening ACoin
Education on Cryptocurrency.

Click the above link and watch / listen to the first two videos before proceeding to the next step.
The value of Coin token 
20 Coin tokens = .01 
20,000 Coin tokens = 10.00 
10,000 Coin tokens = 5.00
You can redeem 10,000 or more Coin tokens for crypto in the coin app.
Step #1 
Follow the steps below to learn & get started today!

Step #2 
What is geomining?
Step #3 
Step #4
Step #5
Step #6
Step #7
See what others are doing to increase their Coin Tokens

Click on the picture to see the video of Chris's set up.
Step #8
Education on digital wallets.

Click the above link and watch / listen to the videos in Step #8 before proceeding to the next step.
You'll need a digital wallet - KuCoin is what I use 


​If I remember correctly you will need to obtain a wallet and sync your wallet first before redeeming and cashing out.

I've also seen people make deals on facebook groups to air drop their tokens for a paypal or cashapp for those that do not want to create a wallet.
Step #9
His break down is:
1 IPad mini 
4 Retina
2 IPhone 5s
1 LG V20

All devices are using different COIN, MOB and BLVD accounts.

Averages  25 K in COIN per week
His setup is for Geomining
My break down is:
20 Alcatel TCL A1 Tracfones
2 Samsung Galaxy S9's

All devices are using different COIN accounts.

Averages  10 K in COIN per day
My setup is for ad watching
The below picture is my set up.
Click on the hyperlink below to see my daily break down

How did the app figure out the exchange rate above?

Goto a crypto exchange and find the current rate for XYO. 
I use coingecko.com 

If you want to redeem 10,000 type in 5.00 in the USD block and you'll see how much XYO this is. 
I found a plug-in for the current price of XYO on coinmarketcap.com
It is the proof of origin
You get a Coin reward at this present time
for the value of your location 
I use Coinbase to deposit money then transfer it to KuCoin 

Step #10
Click on my affiliate link to sign up for Coinbase today.
Education on phone security.

Click the above link and watch / listen to the videos in step #10 before proceeding to the next step.
My Daily Log of Coin Tokens

I find using Metamask for the HODL perks works well for me. 
Update: I stopped using Metamask and went with Trust Wallet
Step #11
Date                                   My Total 
                                           XYO Hodl

(.00022446) =
(.00022283) =
​(.00020754) =
(.000228) =
(.00025983) =
(.00022344) =
(.00025590) =
(.000568) =
(.00031114) =
Dec 23, 2019
Dec 28, 2019
Dec 31, 2019
​Jan 06, 2020
Jan 17, 2020
Jan 31, 2020
Feb 11, 2020
Feb 13, 2020
June 03, 2020
I've purchased and sold XYO crypto a few times now so my grand total is the amount earned plus purchased.

They mention me at minute 17:56
Value of XYO               My Grand Total

Geo Claim Staking Explained
Ownership %: Your % of the tile
Paid: Amount you paid in
Earned: Amount you earned so far
Rank: Your position out of all the owners for this tile
Tile: The block you are staking
Owners: The amount of people staking this tile
Coin: The total amount geomined in this tile by all the owners
Step #12